Friday, April 29, 2011


Jellyfish is a visual kei band from Indonesia. Formed in the middle of 2008 named Flush Band covered An-cafe, consist of 5 members, Kay, Taku, Iru, Bio, Tian. In November 2008, the vocalist, Kay decided to leave the band because of his study program. The other members didn't want to disbanding the band. So in the end of 2008 Flush renamed by Jellyfish. The new vocalist was added, Aria. And recently they added Riyo for keyboard. When still in indie label, they covered other visual kei band like Alice Nine, Vidoll, TheGazette, etc.

J.F. are :

Aria/Anda (Vo)
Birthplace : Bandung
Birthdate : November 18
Height/ Weight  : 182 cm/ -
Hobby : tidying room (T_T)a, watching Japan concert VCD

Taku (Lead Gu)
Bithplace : -
Birthdate : September 28, 1985
Height/Weight :172 cm/ 50 kg
Hobby : music, Play Station gaming

Bio (Gu)
Birthplace : Solo
Birthdate : May, 22
Height/Weight :167 cm/ 47 kg
Hobby : Play Station gaming, reading books

Iru (Ba)
Birthplace : Jakarta
Birthdate : December 21
Height/Weight :175 cm/ 55 kg
Hobby : hiking, sport, gaming

Tian (Dr)
Birthplace : Banjarmasin
Birthdate : August 29
Height/Weight : 184 cm/-
Hobby : drum and guitar playing, joking, find something new

Riyo (Kb)

listen to their new song


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