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Chocoretto is  visual kei band that is formed in July 7, 2008. It’s from Medan, Indonesia. This band is called Anime-kun in 2006, consisted of Reza (voc), Munade (bs), Sai (gt), Yuda (gt), and Izmu (dr). But then there was a year they vacuumed after Yudha and Reza left the band. And a year after that, Reza decided coming back and brought new ambience. The band renamed by Shadow. But Reza left the band again and made it vacuumed for the second time. June 2008, Myu joined the band for the vocal position. The new band began to be called by Chocoretto. Hiro joined as the guitarist a year later, but My and Hiro decided to change position. The new formation has been formed Hiro (Vo), Myu (Gu), Sai (Gu), Munade (Ba) and Izmu (Dr)

Chocoretto are
Hiro (Vo)
Birthday : March 3
Bloodtype : AB
Hobby : drawing, dancing, beat box, guitar, yooyoo trick
Idol : Ruki, Juri, Hyde, Kamijo
Favourite food : sate
Dislike food : Fish
Favourite drink : green tea
Blog :
Facebook ID : miroku hiroyuki chocoretto
Twitter ID : @hiro_vamp

Sai (Gu)
Birthday : December 3
Bloodtype : O
Hobby : playing futsal, guitar
Idol : Uruha, Aoi, Teru, Leda
Favourite food : Egg rice
Dislike food : Spicy food
Favourite drink : soft drink, mineral water
Facebook ID : sai chocoretto

Myu (Gu)
Birthday : April 4
Bloodtype : O
Hobby : guitar, sleeping
Idol : Akiko Shikatta, Scandal, Mana, Judy and marry
Favourite food : Ice cream
Dislike food : Rujak
Favourite drink : strawberry juice
Blog :
Facebook ID : Myu chocoretto
Twitter ID : @myuchocoretto

Munade (Ba)
Birthday : March 18
Bloodtype : AB
Hobby : listening to music, sleeping, watching movie
Favourite food : Fried rice, salty fish, chocolate
Dislike food : Peanut
Favourite drink : Mineral water
Facebook ID : Munade chocoretto

Izmu (Dr)
Birthday : November 9, 1990
Bloodtype : O
Hobby : playing futsal, drums
Idol : Kai, Shinya, Sujk, Yoshiki
Favourite food : sate
Dislike food : Fried rice
Favourite drink : soft drink
Facebook ID : izmu chocoretto
Twitter ID : @izmuchocoretto

~ Discography ~

VAMPIRES Maxi Single
 1. Vampires [Official Video]
2. Adore
3. Dirt People Republic
仲間 (Liquifaction Remix)
5. Dirt People Republic (Early Version)
6. Vampires (Live Video Edit)

1. Prologue - Into The New World
2. Vampire
4. Undercover
5. Shine
6. Vampire (instrumental)
7. Undercover (instrumental)
8. Shine (instrumental)
仲間 (instrumental)
Sample music

free download for Undercover.mp3 in their Reverbnation

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