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Scarlet EVE is a visual kei band from Indonesia. Kurenai -EVE- [Elegance Visual Eternal] formed in 2009 by formation Aiko and Myu in vocal, Hika in guitar  Sasa in drum. Myst and Yuki added as additional member that played guitar and bass guitar. In that year they released a song titled Dear Diary. But Myu and Aiko decided to be out from band. But Myst asked Hara Zelth for the vocalist position. For this new formation, the Kurenai –EVE- renamed by Scarlet EVE.

Scarlet EVE brings metal genre in their music as their inspiring musician Dream Theater, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, Deluhi, All that Remains, Arch Enemy,Parkway Drive,Bullet For My Valentine, and Slipknot. Their music is described as progressive and powerfull and mix it with symphonic and gothic. 

Scarlet EVE are:

Hara Zelth (Vo)
Birthday : June 25
E-mail :
Hobby : OOT, singing, being late, Sasa annoying ^^a
Influence : Hyde, Yasu, Ruki(The Gazette), Hizumi (D'espairs Ray)

Birthday : December 6
E-mail :
Hobby : sleeping, reading, dreaming, art, fantasy
Influence : Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini

Hikari (Gu)
Birthday : February 15
E-mail :
Hobby : sleeping, listening to music, browsing, hang out
Influence : John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Syu

Sasa Chen /Sayuri (Dr)
Birthday : September 22
E-mail :
Hobby : traveling, dawny sleeping, guitar and piano playing
Influence : Sujk (Deluhi),Joey Jordison (Slipknot),Chris Adler(LOG)


1st Single
FORSAKEN : The Awakening

2nd Single
Nox Erotica : The Curse of The Fallen

Contact Information:

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